현재 외국인분들이 국내에 체류하기 위해서는 각 개인에 맞는 적법한 비자를 득하여야 합니다. 저희 법률사무소에서는 국내에 체류하고 계신 분들 중에서 비자 연장을 하거나 비자 변경을 해야되는 경우에 신청대리 또는 신청서 대행 업무를 하고 있습니다.
In order for foreigners to stay here legally, each individual needs to have proper visas. We work for those who are staying in Korea in dealing with visa extension or change. We also deal with application agency business when you need to be represented by a lawyer.
If you happen to have overstayed in Korea without VISA...
You are to pay the penalty(fine) to restore your right to apply for new visas
How much? (Korean won, according to Immigration law)
The length of Period of overstaying. Minimum Maximum
1 Less than 3 months 100,000 500,000
2 3 months ~ 1 year 500,000 2,000,000
3 1 year ~ 2 years 2,000,000 4,000,000
4 over 2 years 4,000,000 20,000,000

Frequently Asked Question    /    Lawyer advises...

1. Is there any way to avoid paying the fine?

Lawyer's advise
The Immigration office sometimes allows temporary amnesty.
If you depart Korea during that period, you may leave without paying the fine and come back to Korea again.

2. I am now illegally staying. What if Iget caught?

Lawyer's advise
You will be forced to deport Korea. And you are not going to be limited to come into Korea for 5 years. And even after 5 years,
it is expected you will have go through more strict process if you want to visit Korea.

3. Does it do any good for me to pay the fine?

Lawyer's advise
Yes, If you pay the fine, you will get about 3 months of staying permission for the reason of preparing to go back home.
And within 3 months, you will have right to apply for other visas (if you are eligible) and that will also help you to stay longer in Korea legally.
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