한국에서 수년간 살고 있는 외국인분들도 한국인과 마찬가지로 각종 민사, 형사 소송에 휘말릴 수 있는데, 그 때 변호사의 조력이나 대리를 받지 못해 자신의 권리를 지키지 못할 때가 많습니다. 저희 법률사무소는 원활한 의사소통을 기본으로 하여 정직한 법리와 정확한 사실관계 정리를 통해
외국인분들의 권리를 지켜드리겠습니다.
Just as Korean citizens, Foreigners may be engaged in civil, and criminal affairs while living in Korea. But it seems that they don't make the best use of legal aid by a lawyer and that might result in losing their legal rights. LDK Law Office promises to offer a legal support along with effective communication and clarification of details in Korean Law.
Case 1 : Ms. C (Philippina) got repeatedly beaten by her Korean boyfriend while she was illegally staying in Korea. She had no way but running away from her boyfriend and came to our office to find help. Our office helped her to accuse her boyfriend of his severe violence and helped her to get G1 visa based on the lawsuit. After that, her boyfriend asked her for settlement agreement with over 20,000,000 Korean won with the condition of her lawsuit. She agreed to that and was able to receive the settlement money as promised.
Case 2 : Mr.P (Pakistanis) was forced to return to Pakistan because of his violent crime. He appealed to the higher court with the lawyer and received a light penalty. As a result, the deportation was cancelled and He could stay longer in Korea.
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